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We proudly support RainCoast Dog Rescue Society

"Our mission at RainCoast is to rescue, and rehabilitate unwanted, neglected, abused, and misplaced dogs and cats from shelters and the communities here at home in Canada, and around the world. While raising awareness and spreading education about spaying and neutering, responsible ownership, breed neutral bylaws, animal health and wellness, and ethical training. As well as the RainCoast PET Project we have that helps donate dog food and supplies to those in a little extra need with animals, organize spay and neuter / vaccine clinics and other vet care for people with animals that are low income families. We work closely with people living on the streets, community hotels, and rural indigenous and non indigenous communities. We work with lots of Northern communities and all types of communities across Canada. As helping one dog may not change the world, but for that one dog the world will change forever." 

-Jesse, Founder of RainCoast Dog Rescue Society

Click the HEART for more info on RainCoast Dog Rescue Society  >>>>>>>

We are currently accepting donations of the following items for RainCoast:


Puppy pads 

Martingale collars

6 foot leashes

Acana Puppy Junior food (in the yellow bags)

Rubber puppy chew toys

Gas cards

X pens

Bosleys or other pet store gift cards

Help us save animals at Street Dog Sanctuary

Rescuing stray cats and dogs from the streets of Palawan in the Philippines, Street Dog Sanctuary is a blessing to the island. They care for and house many animals at their sanctuary, and also offer food and medicine to many more strays. Founders Rob and Jacquie work tirelessly to give these animals the best care they can, and even work with the local vets offering spay and neuter programs in the villages. Please check out their Facebook page and donate if you can, and check for events and educational seminars that we host monthly to raise funds for them!

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