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Volunteer Opportunities

We offer volunteer opportunities for anyone looking to gain more knowledge of dogs, for work experience or volunteer hours, or for anyone who just wants to spend time playing and cuddling with dogs. While we have put together a specific program for our volunteers, our goal is to socialize the dogs that attend our daycare, giving them the opportunity to learn manners and meet all kinds of human personalities.


All our volunteers go through an important training period that includes safety protocols, learning dog body language, learning how dogs interact in a pack, and how to communicate effectively with them. Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older, and will be interviewed prior to approval.

Please contact us via email to submit an application.

Apprentice Program

Niqi offers apprenticeships for those interested in becoming dog trainers. This is a minimum 3 month program, though apprentices may choose to extend their program to gain more experience with a variety of more dogs. Apprentices will have the opportunity to observe and work with one on one clients as well as group training classes. You will learn how to solve common behavioral issues, build training plans, learn about puppy development, basic canine first aid, comprehend canine communication and body language, treat fears and phobias, how nutrition affects behavior, holistic therapies and treatments, and much more.

We offer two apprenticeships per year in the Spring and Fall. All apprentices must be 18 yeas of age or older.

For more information or to apply, please email Niqi.

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